Love and Hip Hop Productions


About Love & HipHop Productions

Love & HipHop Productions is a songwriting company that specializes in writing love ballads and creating hiphop beats. The deaths of great artists such as Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, and Gerald Levert, have caused the music industry to experience a decline in deep, heartfelt love ballads that address the many emotions of the heart when dealing with love.

Today’s music has talented teenagers trying to sing about love over hip-hop beats, and the music does not connect with those that have lived a little bit more life and experienced love beyond a high school crush or a college relationship that went bad one semester. Truth is, anyone over 35 pretty much has to dig deep into their CD (or record) collection to hear music that touches the core of their existence.

When it comes to love music, it is the goal of Love & HipHop Productions to write songs that will touch every fiber in your being regardless of age or race. It is our goal to stir up the gambit of emotions that love causes. We guarantee our music will speak to your specific situation, tickle every romantic fiber in your being, and we promise to bring back those days…

…when music …was music